Bro Lifeline – Free


“Bro Lifeline wingman app covers your butt”

“Bro Lifeline App Is The Ultimate Wingman”

“This just might be one of the most awesome applications on the Android market because of its name alone.”

“A few people have tried, but none really have succeeded like Bro Lifeline.”

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This is the free version of Bro Lifeline. If you like this app, please download the paid version. The paid version runs smoother with no distracting ads, has more background sounds, quotes, and pep talks, and is updated frequently to fix bugs and give you the best user experience!

What’s in the app: Fake Background Sounds + Pickup Lines + Pep Talks + Excuses


-Get out of an awkward phone call
-Simulates background sounds of
*Car won’t start
*Grocery store
*Heavy traffic
*Mowing the lawn
*Crowded restaurant
*Normal restaurant
*Static noise
*Taking a shower
*Train station

This app lets you and your buddies help each other out if you happen to get a call while in a place that you’re not supposed to be in. Go ahead and take the call, but make sure that your bro is holding out his phone near yours while playing one of the background noises.

If you have an iPhone 3GS or earlier model, you can actually use this feature even when you’re on your own! Here’s how:
Accepting a call:
1. Answer the call and put them on speaker, but don’t speak yet.
2. Turn on Fake Background Sounds
3. Once the sounds are on, start talking.

Making a call:
1. Dial the phone number of the person that you need to call
2. Switch to speaker mode then press the home button
3. Turn on the Fake Background Sounds
4. Start talking when the other person picks up

Remember: Acting still plays a part, so make it good!

- Loaded with pick up lines, pep talks, and excuses
- Built-in SMS and Email features so you can share with your friends!

- Choose from hundreds of pickup lines that are:
*Corny (but hilarious)
*Sweet (and romantic)
*Safe (but might actually work)
*Dirty (might get you slapped)

- Pep Talks: Words of encouragement for those who are:
*Too shy to talk to a girl
*Getting married

-Excuses for:
*Getting out of dates
*Getting out of a speeding ticket/traffic violation
*Being late or absent from work

Not only can Bro Lifeline serve as nifty little wingman in your pocket, but this app can make YOU a better wingman/bro too!


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