Two Juicy Rumors and One Dismal Truth

The rumor mills in the realm of smart phones have been so busy lately, we’re starting to get the feeling that we’re in an episode of Gossip Girl. Only, instead of juvenile high school cliques and sex scandals, we’re dealing with tech giants and smart phones. Allow us to fill you in.

iPhone 5 Out in the Open?

Today, 9to5Mac published a photo of what seems to be a prototype of the iPhone 5. A tipster apparently sent the website a photo of what he thinks is the new iPhone. Taken on board a train, 9to5Mac was informed that the person holding the phone was most likely “an Apple employee hunched over the device on the way home from work in San Francisco.” TechCrunch pointed out that the person was very cautious to keep the device “at least partially covered, masking the Apple logo behind their fingers throughout.”

9to5Mac reported that the tipster owned an iPhone 3GS prior to his current iPhone 4, and that apparently, “he knows his iPhones and iPods and this was like nothing he’s ever seen.”

Now in spite of Apple being very hush-hush about the iPhone 5, rumors about the much-anticipated device still managed to circulate in the tech world. Word has it that the next iPhone will be thinner and will also have a larger display. The device in the above photo somewhat confirms the rumors and discussions in the industry, which makes it even more intriguing.

According to TechCrunch, since the iPhone 5 is said to be released this September, there are definitely iPhone 5s being field tested out there. The question is, did Apple really allow one of their employees to carry around such a top secret device while on board a train?

HTC’s Trademark Filings

Moving on, let’s not forget our Android friends. If you’re a fan of HTC, keep an eye out for handset names such as Cheetah, Raider, Titan, Skyrocket, or Velo. According to, the above names are the most recent trademark filings from the cell phone manufacturer.

Of course, just because a trademark was filed, doesn’t necessarily mean that these words will be used. However, they do give an indication that for their next round of devices, HTC is definitely gaming for speed. With a name like “Skyrocket” it’s kind of not hard to miss.

Blackberry Not Doing So Well

Now that we’ve filled you in with the latest speculations, it’s time to move on to hard facts. Neilsen just released their findings regarding mobile market shares. Data indicates that “Google’s Android operating system (OS) now claims the largest share of the U.S. consumer smartphone market with 39 percent. Apple’s iOS is in second place with 28 percent, while RIM Blackberry is down to 20 percent.” This is on top of the dismal news that the company has been dealing with lately.

The Blackberry has obviously seen better days. Aside from the continued decline of RIM’s stock, the company announced on Monday that they will be laying off 2,000 or 11% of its workforce.

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