Have you ever bought apps at a wholesale price?

Currency Banknotes Sells Wholesale Copies on Appbackr

Currency Banknotes, the unique currency converter iPhone app that allows users to view paper bill images, is available in the Appbackr wholesale marketplace at $10 for every 22 copies. Individuals can purchase copies of Currency Banknotes in bulk, for a 27% return on investment when the app sells on the iTunes App Store.

TechiXoft, the company behind the finance and travel app Currency Banknotes, is now selling copies of the app through Appbackr, the first and only wholesale marketplace for mobile apps. Buyers, aptly named as “backrs,” can purchase copies of Currency Banknotes for a fraction of its original price, and collect the difference once the app sells on the Apple App Store.

Originally priced at $0.99 a piece, backrs will be able to buy copies of Currency Banknotes for $0.45, provided that they purchase at least 22 copies of the app. A minimum purchase of $10 can earn buyers $13 in revenue.

Currency Banknotes was well-received in the Appbackr marketplace. It was recently featured as “App of the Week” on the popular website, and has already earned over $2500.00. It will be on sale for 27 more days, and individuals are encouraged to purchase copies of the app at a wholesale rate, while they’re still available.

Aside from the unique features of Currency Banknotes, John Nicasio, CEO of TechiXoft, also attributed their marketplace success to the app’s great performance in various App Stores around the world. Currency Banknotes has reached the Top 25 for the Finance category in several countries including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and more. It was also featured in several iPhone and travel websites, and was named as one of the Top 5 Smart Currency Converter Apps by Mashable.

“We think that the app’s accomplishments and the amazing coverage that it received made it very attractive to backrs.” Nicasio furthered that the funds that they receive from backrs will be used to update and add more features to the app.

Android Version

TechiXoft intends to release an Android version of Currency Banknotes, and the company is also raising funds with the help of Appbackr. “The Android version will be in the works very soon,” said Nicasio. Those who wish to invest in the app’s Android counterpart can purchase copies of Currency Banknotes for a wholesale rate of $0.35. With a minimum purchase of $10, the app has a 54% return on investment.

About Currency Banknotes

Currency Banknotes is the only currency converter that lets users actually see what they’re converting. The app can convert over 150 currencies, and can display a total of nearly 1000 currency images, including rare and hard-to-find banknotes. Users can even zoom in and out of the images to see the paper bills in full detail. Truly a first of its kind, Currency Banknotes was commended by numerous tech and travel websites alike.

A video demonstration of the app can be found here:http://youtu.be/_o157KgA3oM

Copies of Currency Banknotes can be purchased in bulk on the appbackr website:http://www.appbackr.com/apps/techixoft/currency-banknotes


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