Currency Banknotes for iPhone Hits Finance Category’s Hot List

Los Angeles, California – Currency Banknotes by TechiXoft settled into the 6th spot of the Finance Category’s “What’s Hot” list on September 28 (US). This is not the first time that the app was featured in the App Store, though. Currency Banknotes was also named as “New and Noteworthy” in Greece earlier this month. “We are thrilled to have made it to the Hot List of Finance,” said TechiXoft CEO John Nicasio. “It goes to show that good apps don’t stay unnoticed for long.”

The app also received significant media coverage. Mashable included Currency Banknotes in its list of 5 Smart Apps for Currency Conversion. The popular blog praised its image gallery feature and stated that, “knowing what money is supposed to look like can help you from getting ripped off.”

Additionally, Mountain Weekly News also noticed the app, and mentioned that “Currency Banknotes currency converter for iPhone will become your best friend while traveling.”

“The attention from the blogosphere and Apple is truly overwhelming,” said Nicasio. He added that the TechiXoft team is humbled by all the buzz about Currency Banknotes.

About the App:
Currency Banknotes can convert over 150 currencies with at touch of a button. What sets it apart though is its capability to showcase banknote images together with the conversion rates. Truly a first of its kind, the Currency Banknotes app displays a total of nearly 1000 currency images, including rare and hard-to-find banknotes. Users can even zoom in and out of the images to see the paper bills in full detail.

All the paper bill images are stored in the app’s wide database, allowing users to swiftly browse through the Currency Banknotes gallery even without an Internet connection.

TechiXoft aims to make Currency Banknotes the go-to currency converter in the App Store. “We believe that it’s an app that a lot of iPhone users will benefit from. After all, everyone needs a converter app in their phone,” said Nicasio. Nicasio furthered that the app is ideal for travelers because it allows them to convert currencies while on the go, and also gives them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with foreign paper bills before or during their trip.

Moreover, Currency Banknotes offers a unique opportunity for people to get a glimpse of foreign cultures. “The app gives users the chance to admire the architecture, people, and traditions of other nations. You can learn a lot about other countries simply by examining their paper bills,” said Nicasio.

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