Will the iPhone 5 be Unveiled on October 4th?

Image credit: Collin Allen on Flickr

Image credit: Collin Allen on Flickr

Mark your calendars, Apple fans, as October 4 (that’s a Tuesday) could be the day that Apple unveils the much-anticipated iPhone 5. According AllThingsD, their sources have reported that Apple is expecting to hold its next major media event on that day.

The post by AllThingsD continued that, “While Apple could certainly change its plans anytime, sources said that the Oct. 4 date has been selected by the company to showcase the iPhone 5. Sources added that the plan is now to make the new device available for purchase within a few weeks after the announcement.”

Rumors about the iPhone 5’s launch have been circulating for the longest time, with initial speculations that the handset will be released on September. However, since September is practically out the door, it’s safe to assume that that report is false. There are more talks and guesses about the iPhone 5; will it have a bigger screen? Will it support 4G? Is it really coming to Sprint? Obviously, no one has confirmed or denied any of these speculations, but we’re thinking that all will be revealed on October 4… maybe.

On a slightly different note, aside from the much-awaited phone, a lot people are also anticipating the keynote speech of Apple’s media event. Steve Jobs used to be the main presenter in their events, but with him stepping down, it would make sense that his successor, Tim Cook, would be the one taking the stage this year. So Will Cook deliver a compelling presentation? Will Steve Jobs even make an appearance at all? Again, all will be revealed.

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