Cutting into the Clutter of the App Store in Less than a Week

Build it, work hard, assemble a great marketing team, have a little bit of luck, and the downloads will come. Oh, but don’t forget to ask for help from your friends.

Too simplistic? Maybe. But that’s how Currency Banknotes made it to the 14th spot of the top paid apps in the App Store’s Finance category after just five days of its launch. We discovered that if you make a QUALITY app that’s useful and will truly make people’s lives easier, you WILL make it to the coveted top 25. Just be sure to set the stage, and have bursts of downloads during the first couple of days after you launch.

Diligence, dedication, prayers and a little help from friends and before we know it, we started seeing some organic downloads and reviews. Next thing we know, we’re on the first page of the App Store’s finance category.

Note: Another important thing is choosing your category wisely. Our app could be under three different categories, finance, travel and utilities. We chose finance simply because there is less competition (but the category certainly isn’t lacking good quality apps.)

Currency Banknotes is available on the App Store. Download it here.


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