If you can give me a currency app cooler than this, I’ll eat my smartphone.

We here at TechiXoft are proud to announce that we have a latest addition to our app family!  Our most recent project, Currency Banknotes, is very much alive and kicking in the Apple App Store, and it’s on sale too, in commemoration of Labor Day.

Currency Banknotes takes currency converter apps to the next level as it is the ONLY currency converter that lets you see images of banknotes worldwide. Users will not only benefit from having real time exchange rates for over 150 countries in the palm of their hand, but they’ll also be able to see pictures of banknotes from all over the world.

Currency Banknotes can convert currencies as quickly and easily as any other conversion app in the market. The kicker though, is the app’s very special feature that showcases banknote images together with the conversion rates. Truly a first of its kind, the Currency Banknotes app displays a total of nearly 1000 currency images, including rare and hard-to-find banknotes. Users can even zoom in and out of the images to see the paper bills in full detail.

Another distinct feature of Currency Banknotes is its “Top 10 Currencies” tab, in which users will be able to instantly calculate the exchange rates of the top 10 currencies of the world, all with one tap of a button. The app displays rates of the world’s 10 major currencies, saving time and effort, and allowing users to quickly go about their day.

TechiXoft aims to make Currency Banknotes the go-to currency converter in the App Store category. It’s useful, it’s eye-candy, and we believe that it’s an app that a lot of iPhone users will benefit from. After all, everyone needs a converter app in their phone.


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